Saturday, October 22

100 Tips for Life at Saint Mike's : 21 - 30

Here are numbers 1-10 and 11-20

21. You can schedule appointments with a research librarian or the study abroad advisor online.

22. The library makes three announcements before it closes one in the morning (one at midnight, another at half past midnight and the last at one in the morning) so don't worry about getting locked in!

23. Some profs will put everything (from extra credit to MLA guidelines and office hours) on eCollege while others will only link the syllabus. Find out which one your professor is so you don't miss out on an extra credit opportunity.

24. Just because somebody loves a professor doesn't mean you'll love them as well since everyone has a different learning style. Go chat with the professor before you register for their class.

25. For every hour of class, you're expected to do (more or less) 3 hours of work outside of class.

26. You'll be expected to attend some public lectures and events downtown as part of your coursework, and sometimes be able to attend them for extra credit.

27. The one of the bathrooms on the ground floor of the library is pristine. It has good lighting, sleek tiling and it's very, very clean - on a college campus, this is very much appreciated.

28. The gym hours change on the weekend; on Sunday it opens at half past noon. Remember this and don't walk to the gym at ten in the morning like I did!

29. One of the dorm rooms on every floor has a temperature gage, so if you're in that room (it's usually in the centre of the hall) you can't open your windows during the winter or it'll mess up the "room temp" reading and overheat everyone's rooms on that floor.

30. If you leave your windows open too long during the winter, your pipes may burst. It's happened to an RA, who got murky water leaked all over their things from the pipe breakage. 

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