SMC Bucket List

As a prospective student from Europe, I mostly used the internet to do my research on SMC and came across two very cool "bucket list" initiatives through SMC Blogs - the first is called 52 New Things managed by political science prof Trish Siplan and is entirely dedicated to sharing her goals, challenges and accomplishments concerning her "52 things", and the second is this blog entry on online bucket lists by Abby. So, I decided to follow in their footsteps and present you with my very own SMC Bucket List:

☐     Cook a Thai or Swiss dish for the International Festival.
☐     Attend a career fair.
☐     Hand in an assignment early.
☐     Go on a trip with the Wilderness Program.
☐     Make the dean's list.
☐     Attend a performance at the Flynn Cultural Center - for free, since we get Cultural Passes!
☐     Go on an alternative spring break.
☐     Attend a Celtic Knights performance.
☐     Do a mock interview at the Career Center.
     Go to office hours.
     Take a class with Prof Marquess and Prof Griffith.
     Deliver a public speech.
☐     Do research with a professor.
     Design a web page.
     Work on a project involving research on single-party states.
☐     Learn how to use Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
     Cut down on coffee consumption.
☐     Finish reading all of Ayn Rand's literature.
     Send a postcard from Colchester / Burlington.