Monday, October 10

NH Field Trip: Jon Huntsman

After a two and a half hour bus ride (during which we played Clinton campaign documentary The War Room), we finally arrived in Tilton, NH to attend a Jon Huntsman townhall event. I was surprised to find that our students actually made up about 70% of the attendance! Other attendees included older locals, media crews and a smaller group of students from Harvard. The presence of many young people also played into Huntsman’s speech, in which he made some references about the previous administrations passing along unresolved issues to our generation. During the Q&A session, several SMC students were able to get their questions answered by Governer Huntsman – especially SGAC who were able to ask four questions about American foreign aid towards eradicating HIV-AIDS in Africa. Other questions addressed a pipeline in Texas that crossed Native American territory, immigration security issues, policies involving climate change and civil unions. 

And here's a Dallas News article on St. Michael's College students taking a photo with Huntsman! 

SGAC leader Nick talks to Huntsman about funding for AIDS prevention in Africa

Mary-Kaye Huntsman, Jon Huntsman's wife, chats with SMC students

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