Friday, December 16

Going Home to Switzerland and Thailand

After months of labouring and enduring the chill of Vermont I'm finally flying home! This is an especially exciting holiday for me since I will be returning to both Switzerland (which I've been away from for a little over three months) and Thailand (which I haven't visited for a year and a half!) I'm very eager to catch up with my childhood and high school friends again, as well as spend time wondering the city, enjoying real Thai food and explore Chatuchak market in Bangkok. 

Here's a photo my friend took of me in Switzerland a few days before I left for Vermont:

The jet d'eau!

Monday, December 12

iPhone for College Life - Updates

At the beginning of the year, I posted a list of useful iPhone apps for college students. Here are some additions that I've picked up throughout the year:

DerManDar - Allows you to take panoramic photos on your iPhone. My fellow blogger, classmate and floormate Sarah Murray used this app to show you guys her dorm room.

QuickVoice - Voice recorder for lectures, interviews, concerts, etc. I was able to use it to record interviews with reporters and Burlington mayoral candidate Jason Lorber at a labor day event a few months ago (here's a blog post that has a clip of one of the event speeches).

MyVerizon - Very useful if Verizon is your service provider. You can check how many minutes/texts/downloads you have left on your plan and pay your bills through your iPhone.

Thursday, December 8

Campus at Night

Here's what the Saint Mike's campus looks like after sundown - I took these photos on my way back from the gym a few days ago (which conveniently closes at 22.30 on most days)...

The library is the brightest building until one in the morning

The quad: Joyce Hall, Ryan Hall, Lyons Hall and Alumni Hall

McCarthy Arts Center and the parking lot

The Alliot building holds our bookstore, Knightstand, dining hall, Knightcard office, Wilderness Program office,
Diversity Coalition/SKILLS office and most club gatherings

The Knightstand, open until midnight (except on Saturdays)

Sunday, December 4

Church Street Mural

This mural is (partially) hidden on a side-street off of Church St. in downtown Burlington next to the M.A.C store. Check it out before it's replaced by a new mural - according to the Defender, it'll be replaced by a parade theme showing the history of Vermont.

Quick sidenote - the last Knightchat session is coming up: