Wednesday, October 26

Field Trip: Vermont Public Radio

Two of the myriad reasons I love being a journalism major is that we are able to explore all the different fields of journalism and we go on awesome field trips.

Yesterday, I was able to visit the Vermont Public Radio station as part of my Media Revolutions class. The host of the Vermont Edition program, Jane Lindholm, gave us a tour of the building and answered any questions we had about radio journalism. We also met with Vermont Edition producer and reporter, Samantha Fields, who spoke to us about what her job entails and some of the challenges that come along with it.

Later, we were given the opportunity to write script for the Vermont Edition, which three of us later used to host a mock Vermont Edition program. I was able host one of the mock shows (on the topic of the Vermont International Film Festival) and found the experience to be incredibly fun but also hectic; I had to talk to my guest, check for listeners calling on the computer screen and keep track of time all at once!

Scroll down to see photos of our visit!

The audio collection (which is in the process of being digitised)

The desk of Vermont Edition host, Jane Lindholm

Calendar of topics being covered on the Vermont Edition 

Chatting with Vermont Edition producer and report Samantha Fields

A sound engineer's office

The live performance room

Alli trying out the role of a Vermont Edition host; her show's topic was the removal of ice cream machines at Saint Michael's College

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  1. Hi Tarah! I'm glad you enjoyed the field trip. Great pictures! --Jane