Wednesday, April 11

Personalising a Dorm Room

Some tips on personalising a dorm room...
  • Add custom carpets. If your room has weird angles, The Perfect Rug makes custom-order rugs and they're delivered within a month. 
  • Figure out your habits and tailor your spaces to them. I put my boot tray in front of my dresser for a month, until I got so annoyed that I couldn't pull out my drawers properly that I moved it behind my desk. On that note, get a boot tray - you'll need it for the winter and rainy season. 
  • You can make plain surfaces more attractive by draping pashimas over them.
  • Paper laterns are a great way to bring some personality into a room.
  • Etsy, eBay and the Wisteria e-shop have a lot of funky furniture that you can order online. If you're looking for ideas for different pieces, you can also check out sites for small living spaces like Dwell and Apartment Therapy. Pintrest will also have a lot of posts in the home decor section
My friends Lhanzi and Alex taped up paper laterns to make the ceiling more colourful.
My funky bed-side table from Wisteria
and a vintage alarm clock from Etsy
A flexible standing lamp I ordered from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Most of the girls on my floor have some variation of this lamp.

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  1. Wow, great post. Since I'm a dude, my dorm room when I was a freshman was almost standard stocked except for the fact that I had a TV. There is also some great college bedding for girls that can really change the feeling of a room. Think about it, about 20% of your dorm room is your bed ;).