Thursday, September 15

100 Tips for Life at Saint Mike's : 1-10

1. The SMC beds are not extra-long twin. They are only twin, which makes it much, much, much easier to find mattress toppers (available at Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as all the department stores in U-Mall). 

2. The closet smells like mothballs. Bring Febreeze and be prepared to keep your closet door open for at least the next week. My friend put fan inside the closet, which helped a bit. 

3. The color scheme of your room will be medium blue, as dictated by your closet doors, your bookshelf and your door. Plan your decor accordingly! 

4. Don't buy expensive electronic appliances until the second week, when you know whether you will use them or not. I bought a television, a nespresso machine, a mini-fridge and a microwave and I almost never use any of them. If you bring silverware and cutlery, keep in mind that you'll have to walk to the bathroom (which may be at the other end of the hall) to clean them. 

5. Apparently it's really hot until mid-September and the heating in the winter will make some days rather warm as well - bring a fan! 

6. There's a poster fair in Alliot at the beginning of September, so don't worry about buying a ton before getting here.

7. A corkboard is really useful for posting up notes, flyers and hand-outs from your class so they're there to remind you of events or for reference. I've got a giant one in the middle of my room at it was filled two weeks into the year.

8. You'll want to wear flip flops in the showers. but they get soaked, so bring two pairs. 

9. There's a laundry service from E&R Cleaners that takes all your laundry on Wednesday morning and drops it off for you on Friday afternoon. It's quite pricey, but it takes away the pain of dealing with the dorm washers and (depending on your plan) washes things that would normally have to be taken to the dry cleaner's like blazers, knits, dress-shirts, pencil skirts, dresses, etc. Sometimes they'll leave lint in your laundry though - I've had one particularly bad experience, so you might be better off doing laundry yourself. 

10. Living in the first-year quad, you will want to bring ear-plugs for Friday and Saturday nights if you need to get some sleep during the first semester. The noise will die out before two in the morning, but if you have an early day then it's a must. 

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