Monday, December 27

Boxing Day Bustle in London

I arrived in London yesterday in time to navigate my way through the masses at Westfield during Boxing Day sales. Shopping highlights include finding a camel parka in the treasure trove that is Uniqlo, discovering incredible fabrics at Topshop and coming across a new, stylish cover for Metamorphosis and Other Stories at Foyles. I couldn't find a photo of the cover, but here's a picture inspired by "Metamorphosis" that's rather amusing:

Afterwards, I had dinner with my mom at The Bull on Westfield's terrace.  Their dishes are a bit on the small side, but the food is reasonably priced and it's great pub food! Today, I'm going back to Westfield for more shopping (it's possibly the largest shopping center in Europe) and I'll be visiting some museums tomorrow.

Thursday, December 23

Google the World's Wonders

Google has a particularly interesting logo above the search box today! It displays thumbnails of 17 of the world's wonders (such as the Great Wall of China and Mt. Fuji) and a click initiates a Google search of the monument. Here's my screenshot:

Monday, December 20

Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms

Great video on the general education system today - it's engaging and easy to follow. The speaker is Ken Robinson, who is an international authority on anglophone education systems, a TED speaker and the author of several books on constructive and creative passions. You can find more videos like this on

Sunday, December 19

Night at the Cinema

To let off some first-semester steam, I went to watch Megamind with one of my closest friends from theatre class. Apart from basking in the apparent awesomeness of my friend, this is an exciting event for three reasons: (1) I've been looking forward to watching this film since July (movies outside of the US and England are released obscenely late), (2) the cuteness of the characters in this movie rival that of Stitch and (3) the witty dialogue allows older audiences to equally appreciate the film.

While coming out of the theatre, I spotted the posters for The Black Swan - they're stunning! Take a look: