Sunday, April 22

Missing Madrid

Beth's 'Things I miss from abroad' post from a few months ago made me realise that I'm also feelings pangs of "homesickness" for my summer "home" in Madrid. Here's my list of things Spanish wonders that I long for...
  • Tortillas
  • The ubiquity of good coffee
  • The metro (except for the 'circular' line that is six flights underground)
  • My pain au chocolat breakfast
  • Red wine
  • The design on iron entrances
  • Shabby lifts
  • Zara
  • Late dinners - even by European standards
  • My incredibly passionate astronomy professors, who are also twin brothers
  • The pedestrian-friendly structuring of the entire city
  • Sliced dry sausages
  • The food market
  • The incredible architecture
  • Going out for expressos with my Guatemalan roommates/"sisters"
  • Wooden floors
  • Fried pork intestines (which sounds terrible, but is really good and can be eaten like popcorn)
  • My household of women
  • Lively dinner debates
  • Dancing until sunrise
  • The heat
  • My Mandarin-speaking Spanish mother
  • Crazy football matches

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