Friday, September 2

"Things Every College Student Should Know"

While grabbing some dorm furniture at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I came across 1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know. At first, I thought the guide would be cheesy - which, some of it is - but I really ended up enjoying the tips Harry H. Harrison Jr had to give college students. Here are some of my favorite "things" that "every college student needs to know":

238. You need to know about and See how other students from your school graded professors.

467. You need to know to make a note card for each major theme and idea your professor covers in class. Transfer notes from class lectures and your textbook onto each card.

640. You need to know that a typical night of college homework will look like this:
- Review French vocabulary
- Study seventy pages for International Relations midterm
- Read sixty pages of literature
- Study for humanities project
- Research for science project
- Study for science midterm

723. You need to know that everything changes over time. Including people. And relationships.

778. You need to know that the best cure for worrying in bed is getting up and studying. (It's also my cure for stress head aches and general academic panic.)

796. You need to know a lot of problems get better after you've had a good night's sleep.

178. You need to know that if a class is too full for you to get into, attend the first class anyway. The professor just might squeeze you in. (I did this to get into Media & American Politics with Professor David Mindich and it worked! Also, my fellow blogger Gabbi Hall is in this class with me.)

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