Wednesday, November 30

A Bostonian Thanksgiving

Since Thanksgiving break is only five days long, it didn't give me enough time to fly home to Switzerland - (2 days of flying, 2 days to adjust to jetlag.) I decided to stay in New England and take the Megabus down to Boston to stay with my friend Christina, who I know from Bangkok. I interned in central Boston two summers ago with the Russell J. Call Children's Center - but rarely left the area around Northeastern University - so this trip gave me a chance to see more of Cambridge. 

Christina and her family introduced me to the American Thanksgiving tradition, Black Friday sales, on-demand television, CostCo and some delicious Italian dishes. It's also been a real blurring of worlds for me, since I met up with a friend from Switzerland here.  

Exploring the streets around Quincy Market
My fourth meal on Thanksgiving Day with Philip and Christina - we're at a Turkish restaurant near BU
With Christina's one-year-old rottweiler Dante, who believes my limbs are chew toys

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  1. ah, this looks fun! I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving =)