Monday, March 26

Interview with a Fly Fisher

Dillon with a lake trout caught in the Presumpscot River in Windham, Maine

A curious thing about St. Mike's is the presence of fly-fishing on campus. First-year students can enrol in the fly-fishing seminar taught by Professor Bill Grover from the politics department and all students can join the fly-fishing club on campus. My friend Dillon Reno, an avid fly-fisher who has been practicing the art for a few years now, let me ask him a few questions about the club.

Why do you fly-fish?
I fly-fish because it's my connection with nature and clears my head. It puts me in a state of serenity and puts me in a place where problems are non-existent.

What sorts of activities does the fly-fishing club offer to its members?
Weekend fly-fishing trips and ice-fishing trips in the winter as well as two overnight trips; one in the fall and one in the spring at world renown fly-fishing destinations. We also do fly-tying on weekdays.

Can a novice join?
Yup. Novices can join and the club provides them with gear. We'll teach any beginners who don't know how to fish.

Do you have advice to anybody who is just starting to fly-fish?
Don't assume that you can figure it out all by yourself. It's what I did and it stunted my learning. It took me a few years to give it another try - when I did, I took lessons and fell in love with it.

Who do you have to contact to join the fly-fishing club and when do you meet? 
You can contact Louis Annino, Benjamin Gruner or Professor Bill Grover to get more information on the club. We don't have scheduled meetings; Louis just sends out e-mails to club members when he wants to set up a meeting.

You can contact Dillon with any fly-fishing questions at

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  1. Tarah, this is a really terrific article for a beginning flyfisher, keen to learn. SMC should be applauded for providing this service to help beginners by joining a club. Well-written!